About Maui Kite Riders

My name is Corey Gallagher I am the founder of Maui kite riders. I was raised on Maui and spent half of my life in the ocean surfing and kitesurfing . I started kiting when the technology got good enough to depower and slow down to be able to kitesurf waves. I was always fighting with the wind as a young surfer, little did I know of the power that was all around me. The wind was mine to use, I spent my first few years behind a kite where I used a strapless surfboard. I was amazed by the personal watercraft capabilities that Mother Nature had to offer and I was Kitesurfing more waves in a day then I caught in a month of surfing! No crowds, no paddling and unlimited speed to do turns. A surfers dream come true! Then, I learned to fly. This quickly became my obsession and I started looking at the waves differently. I now saw them as ramps that would allow me to fly higher. This ignited my passion for kitesurfing which eventually turned into a passion for teaching. I then embraced the beach office lifestyle and fell in love with what I do. Working and playing in the sun. Putting in time riding hard paid off and I found a sponsorship from ozone kites and they set me up on quality gear I can trust. The ozone gear gave me the confidence to go higher and then the real fun began. I started traveling, I found snowkiting in the mountains and realized that life has the endless possibility. Soon after this realization, I created Maui Kite Riders to broaden my wingspan and share my knowledge with others who are interested in the sport of kiteboarding on Maui.

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